Who We Are

‘Sanad is the Arabic word for (Support). By incorporating statistics and financial engineering, Sanad created a (Social Development Lottery Scheme) to help people become better off by creating challenges structured around the cognitive biases and thinking flaws. Sanad, as its
name suggests, offers the support needed for people to achieve certain goals and objectives, that they struggle to achieve by themselves.

Sanad is a game-like scheme designed to exploit one or more of the cognitive biases into creating challenging contests, revolving around a certain area of development, with potential financial gains for those committed to achieving the designed goals. Areas like health, knowledge, social interactions, are all areas where Sanad strives to create and promote positive behaviors.

Our Vision

Blending psychology, financial engineering, and technology to promote positive impact on people, societies, and countries

Our Mission

To eliminate biases from decision making process of people, and in case not possible, exploit it for their own benefit